pawtucket dry cleaner


Wow! I've been going to USA Cleaners for almost forty years and I can genuinely declare that they are on the upswing! (MB, Prov)
Trish, Providence

I came in to town for the Brown Univesity graduation. I was really bummed out when I noticed that my suit had a stain on it from the wedding I attended last month. Anyway, it was late Friday afternoon and I got online desperately searching for a nearby dry cleaners that could fix my problem. This place was the only one in town. They saved my butt! I dropped off my suit early Sat AM and got it back before they closed at 4:30.
Mr. F, Lutz, FL

I just arrived from Portugal and plan to stay here for while to visit my family. They told me that I should go to MR USA Cleaners every week to get my shirts washed because my sister-in-law says she won't do my shirts. They are very nice people and do a good job.
MB Pawtucket, RI

I bought a beautiful designer dress from Bergdorf's. The first night I wore it someone spilled a drink all over it. Anyway, when I dropped it off at MR USA, they said they weren't sure they could get the stain out, but they would try their best. What an honest response and better yet, when I picked up the dress, it looked just like it did when I purchased it.
Delia, Providence

Friendly efficient staff, fast service, great prices!
(Greg, visiting from LA)

Could you believe one Saturday morning about ten o'clock in the morning, I realized the tux I needed to wear to a wedding gig was sitting on the floor. It was really dirty and I had forgot to drop it off on Friday. So I called up USA Cleaners and asked if they could get if cleaned for me. Would you believe they said YES? So I ran right down with the tux, they cleaned it and had it back to me by the time I had to leave for the gig. They saved my life and my job. THANK YOU MR USA
JW, Pawtucket

I am a waitress and always getting my clothes wicked dirty. And you know being a waitress, I cannot afford a lot of money for my work clothes, so I only have a couple of pair of pants and some shirts. That's why I like going to USA Cleaners, because I can drop the stuff off late in the morning when I get up and still get my stuff back to wear the same day. They're the best.
Monique, Central Falls

I heard about Mr USA from my in-laws who live in Oak Hill who have been going to you for years. I was living on the East Side and found you a very convenient place to drop off and pick on my way to work. When we moved to Edgewood in Cranston I though I would have to get a new dry cleaners, but you have always come through for me and you're right off of the highway, so I have continued going to Mr USA. It's been 14 years now. What a great place to have your clothes dry cleaned!!
Pauline T. Cranston, RI

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